So, every now and again I will wake up and have a desire to draw something….sometimes I have to keep drawing it until it is purged out of me…like the trees. Here is what happens when the deer come out of me.


I don’t know why this happens…


I woke up at 6:30am….

20131205_113218 20131205_113224

and drew deer, and colored them..



For four hours! Painting to come soon.


I didn’t think I would be blogging again but through a promise and a desire to continuing creating, I have decided to come back. It is nearly Christmas and I find myself living on a tropical paradise in Phuket, Thailand. I have started a crazy journey of painting inspired by my very talented sister, Leelee. Here is one that was a gift to one of my surfer girls.


This painting has been a painful journey or loathing and love. It is not finished because I am currently in the loathing stage. (is anyone surprised that I chose to paint trees)?


The cats were started, but obviously, also not finished. There will be updates when they are done.



I am trying painting although it makes me nervous. I would much prefer my uniball vision elite fine tip, but sometimes, it is nice to take a chance and try something new.

Sometimes you see something and it inspires you. So, you don’t ask questions and you share it so that others may share in your experience.

I feel the possibilities of a new future and hope stirring inside me. Anything is possible and I am keeping my heart and mind open. I can’t say no to things that may scare me for a new beginning may pass me by. I will try to keep the darness at bay and let the light lead me to my future.

I have been working on a blanket for years that I feel is very unique to me. I have been into crochet for a long time and I always felt bad for all the leftover pieces of yarn one has at the end of a project.ImageI decided one day that I would tie all the pieces together and make what I like to think of as a reject blanket.ImageSometimes one just has to pick up the pieces and try to fit it all together again. It may seem ugly and chaotic but in the end we hope and pray for something beautiful.Image

I feel that my family has no problem letting all our inhibitions go and just acting silly! I am not just talking about my sister and I…it is all of us.

As soon as the camera comes out, the first instinct is not a pretty smile and perfect pose, it is an interruption of theatrical glee!

And of course, each photo has to be outdone by the next.

I am not sure if each person or family has the same crazy reaction to the camera, however, our family photos are much more entertaining I’m sure.

When looking back at the past, I not only recall the moments that were captured, but also the laughing and good times.

In the end I would have to agree that sometimes silly is the answer.

Since I am alone this year for Christmas, I figured I would do a five series called, “Just One.” Enjoy, and Merry Christmas.